Software Engineering Pilot (SEP)

The Software Engineering Pilot (SEP) is a comprehensive, standards-aligned computer science and software engineering education program for grades 6 to 12. The goals of the program are: (1) to increase the number of high school graduates, particularly from traditionally under-represented groups, who are ready to enter new and emerging high-tech fields, and (2) to develop students’ computational thinking and problem solving skills in real-world contexts.

Program Details
The program currently offers core curriculum in the following areas: computer programming, robotics, web design and development, physical computing, and mobile computing. As it scales, the program provides schools with structured full-year course pathways including core computer science curriculum and elective topics designed to develop students’ technical and creative skill. SEP students will participate in work-based experiences with major industry leaders and partners.In 2015-16, the SEP program served 42 teachers and more than 3000 students in grades 6, 7, 9,10, and 11th grades across nine high schools and nine middle schools.

Our program is led by Mr. Rainford. PS/IS 30 middle school students learn to program computer graphics, games, html, Lego robotics, and microprocessor controlled electronics. They use Scratch, Python, Processing, and the online equivalent of Photoshop.


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